Thursday, 10 March 2016

Palmer's Cocoa butter body lotion (with vitamin E) 

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Hey everyone :) ,
so today I am going to review this delicious body lotion that has been my best friend the entire fall!!! must tell you all that buying this has been the best beauty decision this fall :D  My skin turns very dry and scaly in winters may be due to hot water baths!! and even the facial skin becomes dry in certain areas such a near the nose,chin and some parts of my cheeks!! So I bought this after researching a lot for a budget winter body lotion that is free from harmful chemicals like parabens!! Well in India we have a shortage of quality products that are chemical free and also within budget!! I got it online as it wasn't available in my city!!

Palmer's cocoa body lotion review- mintblushlove

What the product claims:
Cocoa butter enriched with vitamin E in a soothing emollient base. Helps smooth and blend unattractive marks and scars. Tones skin. An excellent all over the body moisturizer and after tanning butter. Widely recommended for stretch marks.  

The full ingredients list!!! (yay as there are no parabens and pthalates!! )

My Thoughts: I was really excited after ordering it !! and as it arrived I couldn't wait to take a bath so that i could slather it on :D well now I have used it for 3 months atleast and without doubt this is the beat body lotion I have tried so far!!

Consistency and texture: I found the consistency of this lotion to be thick and the texture is buttery smooth!!! it feels heavenly to touch it... it is runnier than the body butters but thicker than normal lotions...

Fragrance:the scent of this lotion is just like milkybar chocolate :D :P ( infact it looks so delicious, i just wanna eat it :D)   I am sure most of you must have eaten it!! well it may be a bit odd for some people but chocolate lovers are gonna love it!! but even people who don't like chocolates, worry not!! the smell is not that over-powering :) and it goes away in a few hours. 

MY THOUGHTS: As far as the performance is concerned, even people with combination skin can use it.Its not sticky and gets absorbed quickly on moist skin if applied after bath. I apply it right after shower this way I need a lot less of it. The bottle is easy to handle as it has a pump dispenser.It is the 400 ml/13.5 fl.oz. bottle.It kept my skin mosturised the entire day even in harsh winters.I had to reapply at night on exposed regions like feet,hands,etc.

Other uses:My facial skin is very sensitive and prone to acne also so I don't apply many products on it.I just go for natural products and in winters use almond oil at night. So one day after bath,my face felt very very dry!! and i had to go out so couldn't apply oil!! In a hurry i applied this lotion even on the face on areas where it felt too dry!! and topped off with my bb cream.  Now this lotion didn't let my skin feel dry till the evening when i came back home!! as its parabens free so i kept applying itr everyday!! and trust me it didn't break me out :D and no irritation at all!! So this way it also served as my harsh winter face moisturiser!!  :) on mixing with bb cream  it also lent a very nice glow to my dull skin in winters!! I am going to use it even in summers as a hands and feet moisturiser as they tend to get dry always!!




  • Yummy smell
  • Good moisturizer
  •  Pump dispenser
  •  With Vitamin E
  •  Good quantity
  •  Affordable
  •  Available easily online
  • can be used safely on face also for very dry skin
  • paraben and phthalate free!!



  • Might not be easily available in all the cities 
  • Not everyone will like the smell
  • can't say much on the claim that it works on stretch marks with regular use!!


 My rating:4.5/5


 I'll definitely buy it again (this bottle is too big to finish :p)

Have any of you tried this body lotion?? what was your favourite lotion this fall ?? Do leave comments :) :)

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